QREST (Quality Review and Exchange System for Tribes)

Nationwide Tribal Air Quality Monitoring Solution

QREST is open-source software that provides tools that address the challenges of tribal air quality data collection, review, validation, reporting, and regulatory submittal to EPA. Multiple tribes throughout the US rely on QREST to automatically retrieve air monitoring data from their data loggers and instrumentation, calculate averages, apply validation checks and streamline reporting to EPA’s AQS and AirNow programs.

Extensive Data Retrieval Options

Data logger interaction, especially for older models, can be an opaque, undocumented world. This can make it especially difficult for tribal professionals to complete data retrieval and analysis tasks. QREST integrates with a variety of data loggers and instruments to automatically retrieve tribal air monitoring data. Supported devices include:

  • Zeno 3200
  • Sutron XLite 9210
  • Agilaire / ESC
  • MetOne BAM 1020/1022
  • Campbell Scientific
  • PWSWeather Personal Weather Stations

In addition to these automated integration options, tribes can also choose to manually upload air data to QREST. Finally, QREST provides API services that allow 3rd party application to write custom software to feed data to QREST.

Automated Data Calculation, Validation & Alerting


  • Automated Data Averaging: As n-minute data are streamed into QREST, hourly summaries are immediately calculated and stored, using logic defined for a tribe’s specific monitoring conditions. QREST can calculate averages, mins, maxes, angular averages, totals, standard deviations, and angular (Yamartino) standard deviations.
  • Automated Data Validation & Alerting: as data is streamed into QREST, validation checks are automatically performed. Designated tribal operators are notified of exceptions, via email and/or text message. This includes notification of missing data, indicating data logger communication is interrupted.

Multi-Step Data Review


  • Data Review: QREST fulfill the independent quality assurance function required for regulatory and legally-defensible air quality data, by providing a structure for the two levels of separation required between data gatherer and final data validation as required by EPA.
  • Data Visualizations: A wide variety of data visualization are available to aid in the data review process.
  • Documentation: QREST allows users to upload both site-wide and parameter-specific supporting documentation and attach to monthly data review activities.

AQS Submissions


  • AQS Submissions: QREST can generate EPA’s Air Quality Subsystem (AQS) submissions covering both raw data (RD) and quality control (QA) data. QREST’s built-in Exchange Network Node enables AQS submissions directly from QREST without needing to download the data files locally, use additional software, or even manually log into AQS or CDX. After a submission is made, the submission status is retrieved automatically from EPA and displayed in QREST alongside any AQS Load Reports. A full history of all AQS submissions are retained in QREST for centralized record-keeping.
  • AirNow Integration: tribes can opt to stream current data from QREST to EPA’s AirNow program


Getting Started

  • Option A: QREST.NET:  Are you a tribal agency interested in sharing your data and making the AQS submission process easier?
    Create an account at http://www.qrest.net to begin integrating your air monitoring data with QREST.
  • Option B: QREST Sandbox: A sandbox site is also available at https://qrest-test.azurewebsites.net to demo system features before using the live system.

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