Open Environment Software Selected to Develop National Tribal Air Monitoring Data Exchange Network

Open Environment Software has been selected by the Institute of Tribal Environmental Professionals (ITEP) to develop QREST: Quality Review and Exchange System for Tribes, an open source cloud-based software that will provide tribal governments throughout the U.S. with the tools necessary to better manage, utilize and share air quality monitoring data.

ITEP, working in coordination with Northern Arizona University (NAU), selected Open Environment Software through competitive bid process to develop QREST. QREST will provide an open source, cloud-based software system enabling users to:

  • Stream data from continuous data loggers and calculate hourly averages from more granular data
  • Use up-to-date codes, guidance, and regulations from EPA
  • More quickly conduct the 1st phase of AQS data review prior to submission of reviewed air data to EPA
  • Analyze, interpret, and present data, using preformatted report and chart templates
  • Fulfull the independent quality assurance function required for regulatory and legally-defensible data
  • Push data to EPA’s AQS and AirNow systems

This is a valuable tool that will help bring tribes together to better share their air monitoring data with the public, other interested parties, and EPA.