Open Waters Version 1.6.2 Released

Open Waters Version 1.6.2 released with more enhancements, as the Open Waters community continues to grow.

  • Improvements to Crosstab Import Template Configuration Page: characteristic, unit, and activity ID drop-downs added
  • Added new help page
  • Updated Installation/Users Guide
  • Fix import from cross tab when no Activity Type or Activity Media provided to show correct error message.
  • Cross-tab Activity Data Import Enhancement: new option to include seconds when autogenerating activity ID
  • Activity Data Import Enhancements: when detecting column data based on header text: (A) now case-insensitive (B) system can now detect column header alias names for certain columns
  • Activity Data Import Enhancements: when importing data that already has matching activity ID’s added option to either replace or append to existing data
  • WQX History page expanded: now can also display records pending for WQX transfer and now available for non-global admins
  • Charting Page Improvements: added ability to filter only data shared with EPA; fix monitoring location drop-down;
  • Public map improvement: added organization to popup window; add organization data filter
  • Activity Details Page: added ability to view/edit more result fields (Laboratory, Lab Sample Prep Method, Prep Date, Dilution Factor)

Change Log at GitHub